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The she she Beach Towel

Inspired by sisterhood and travels to the Mediterranean Sea, the idea of the she she beach towel was awakened. Designed and created in collaboration with textile designers TEUBER KOHLHOFF, both the retreat and the design studio’s shared values like sustainable quality, togetherness and normalising normal bodies comprise the towel’s features.

We want to equip you with a bright and positive contemporary design accessory for well deserved leisure time at the the lake, the poolside or at the beach, for many summers to come!

160 x 80 cm
100% Organic Cotton
(Terry Weave)


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MOTIF: Usually covered by draped fabric, illustrations of ancient greek females and goddesses are hiding the pure body and individual silhouette. Inspired by these figures and the wish to add a sense of modern freedom, the she she towel undresses the ancient she’s and offers them a canvas to stand confident with their bodies.

TECHNIQUE: Our beach towels are woven on special Terry looms to create a looped surface. They are soft and have an outstanding ability to absorb water. Manufactured in Austria and made out of 100% organic cotton in two shades of sunny yellow.



Please wash before use, please have fun during use!

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